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Colour Trends 2020

Colour is a simple, yet powerful form of messaging. It portrays a wide range of emotions without so much as a word or image. It can invoke the past, inform the present, and inspire the future. The role colour plays in our visual world is so absolute that its power is hard to overestimate.

Lush Lava #FF4500

This bold and fiery orange-red demands attention. From the brilliant glow of sunset to burning embers in a roaring fire. A perfect colour for companies looking to draw attention to their branding. Culturally, this shade represents happiness, love and good health in Asian countries.

Aqua Menthe #7FFFD4

A luxurious, ocean shorelines, the bright colour says ‘look at me know’ in a calm way. Aqua Menthe is a mix of cyan and mint, bringing to mind summer holidays and crystal-clear waters. Perfect for conveying a playful, modern and outgoing personality, for fun or contemporary brands.

Phantom Blue #191970 

A deep indigo-navy illustrated by dramatic skies with a glowing moon. Its rich depth highlighted on a nightclubs sign or in dark denim jeans. This colour communicates stability and sophistication, and looks great with pops of bright, contrasting colours.

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